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Amanda Fucking Palmer's
new song has inspired me
to write this poem
which is about the frenzy that is my mind and
my desk
which easily gives anyone a picture of what the
inside of my mind might look like

I am looking for a blank cd
to make a discography
cd for my car
so I can listen to it as
I drive my bearded dragon Fred
to the vet for her first ever
check up

I cannot find a god damn
blank disc anywhere
on this mess of my desk
which is a mirror of my mind

I just want to clear it all with my arm
and sweep it to the floor
but then the floor would be mess
and the contents of my desk on the floor
and I'd break the vase with the flowers
from the older guy who has a crush on me
and all the SLOTH MAIL would be scattered
and my markers would go EVERYWHERE

SO instead I take a breath
listen to Ampersand and
think about eating a paleo thin mint cookie
I made last night....
which reminds me that
I need to go write a blog...

Inspired by Amanda Palmer's most recent song, Machete. Go listen here:
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Submitted on
March 9, 2016


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